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步骤: 在控制面板,点击 Status -> Bandwidth Usage -> 找到你希望限制的域名,在 Throttling 一栏处,点击 disabled进入设置页面。


Enable Bandwidth Throttling for http://www.bnxb.com
“Throttling” means that if one night we see that the next day you'll probably go over the bandwidth threshold you've set, we automatically change bnxb.com's web directory to http://www.bnxb.com.throttled … where you should set up a really minimal page explaining how you've temporarily turned off your site to save on bandwidth overage charges. You may even want to put up a DreamHost donations button!

Note that the throttling process only occurs once every 24 hours, so it's possible that you will still go over your threshold before your site is throttled. This feature does not ensure that you won't exceed your limit, just that the potential for large costs will be limited. More information can be found in the Wiki!

Enable throttling on http://www.bnxb.com   这里需要打勾

Set monthly throttle threshold at 100 GB 这里输入你希望限制该域名每月可用多少流量。


如果某一天,www.bnxb.com   的流量达到了100G,那么www.bnxb.com   第二天就会被暂停,从而不影响dreamhost账户里的其他虚拟主机的使用。


找到www.bnxb.com   ,将它的流量限制加大即可。



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